Water Treatment Technologies for the Food Industry
Wednesday, 22nd June 2016

Water Treatment Technologies for the Food Industry

For some time, Flussig and Nithimai have looked to expand their water treatment offerings amongst their existing customers. Now,Flussig and Nithimai have partnered together with ZI-CHEM. This partnership was formed as a result of ZI-CHEM’s experience, technology and capabilities in the Thailand market - and also due to the international support and backing which ZI-CHEM can offer as a business of Zuellig Industrial.

While ZI-CHEM is not the biggest in Thailand – we are proud to be amongst the most dynamic – offering world class response time and service, ongoing training programs, and highly knowledgeable, experienced technicians and engineers.

Another reason for Flussig and Nithimai to join with ZI-CHEM is the commitment of the senior management team and support through marketing and other forward thinking activities, all designed to help grow the market in Thailand.

As a result of this partnership, ZI-CHEM, Flussig and Nithimai arranged a specialized water treatment seminar, designed to continue the development amongst existing customers.

Please click here to see some of the images from this partnership event.