Delivering Solutions for Water Problems
Tuesday, 12th September 2017

Delivering Solutions for Water Problems

Water is arguably the single most precious commodity on our planet. It ranges in quality from ‘safe to drink' to ‘heavily contaminated,' and ZI-CHEM is at the very heart of an industry providing water solutions to South and Southeast Asia.

The Diverse Properties of H2O

Just as water requires treatment to make it clean for drinking, when used for other purposes, it needs to be given other properties to maximize its effect. Be it Industrial manufacturing, power utilities, refrigeration and commercial air conditioning or mining and mineral processing, the expertise delivered by the ZI-CHEM team will always provide the solution.

Water Works

Heading up this team in Jakarta is Regional Director, John Wilson, who talked passionately about his industry and the benefits it brings throughout so many countries. He used gold ore processing as an example of ZI-CHEM’s expertise coming to the rescue in a real life situation: "Cyanide is used to dissolve the gold ore, but during this process, if the pH of the water is too low, cyanide can be lost to the air. There may be an excess of calcium in the water, and they may be using lime, allowing a large scale deposit to build up in the pipes that can cause blockage; even damage," said John.

Experts on the Ground

ZI-CHEM engineers have considerable technical knowledge, state-of–the-art equipment and wide ranging field experience. Where possible they are based close to areas of potential need, available to undertake thorough surveys to assess a diverse variety of problems. They offer free advice and a comprehensive solution, allowing the customer to purchase the necessary products and equipment. In return, the customer experiences improved performance with lower maintenance costs and thus continues an ongoing relationship built solidly on trust. Following on, regular service visits become standard, sometimes out of hours if required, always focusing on the needs of the customer. Competence, integrity and reliability, to customers, partners and employees, are the core values of ZI-CHEM.