Zero Hydrocarbon Leaks at Thai Oil Cooling Systems
Sunday, 27th May 2018

Zero Hydrocarbon Leaks at Thai Oil Cooling Systems

Liquid Gold

Almost the entire world runs on oil and once drawn from the bowels of the earth we’ve learned how tomanipulate this natural resource, harvesting over 6,000 bi-products. From the early days, containing process. Advances in technology have had to keep pace with an increasing demand that seems to know no limits as new fields become viable in remote areas once thought impossible to access.      

Zero Heat Exchanger Leaks

Thai Oil was delighted at that groundbreaking news because yes, there had been no leaks of oil or hydrocarbons through heat exchangers into the water cooling systems for a whole year.

Cooling water is circulated through thousands of meters of piping and several hundred heat exchangers and hydrocarbon byproducts, it must remain flowing and the heat transfer surfaces kept clean.

If pipes or heat exchangers become blocked or corroded as a result of incorrect water chemistry or hydrocarbons leaking into the cooling water, which then contributes to the accelerated growth of the including production loss from unscheduled maintenance and repair or premature replacement of expensive heat exchangers.      

The Solution

ZI-CHEM engineers introduced hi-tech systems using cutting-edge technology, maintained via attentive managing the water properties to avoid corrosion and prevent microbiological growth in challenging 80, then 60 and so on until finally, in 2017 no leaks were reported at all.

Regional Director John Wilson, spoke passionately about the achievement when he said, “To our look at ZI-CHEM knowing that it is realistic to revisit their own standards and expectations in their water treatment program.”