Core Values

Competence, Integrity and Reliability to customers, partners and employees are the most important company values at ZI-CHEM.

At ZI-CHEM we take great pride in achieving what we promise - bringing world-class innovative and comprehensive solutions to our customers. Solutions that improve operational performance, reduce operational costs and reduce impact on the environment. Our capabilities, together with an open way of operating, help create the foundation for a long term relationship which allows us to continue to add value to your organization.

We believe that our company is only as good as the people behind it and the technologies we deliver. For this reason, ZI-CHEM applies continuous effort in the development, training and care of its employees ensuring they excel in the solutions they build and the customers they serve. At ZI-CHEM, team building is very important and we value very highly the positive atmosphere generated amongst our teams while interacting with customers and partners.

ZI-CHEM; Delivering excellence from chemicals, equipment and consulting solutions.