Advanced Field

Technology is of no benefit without correct application. For water treatment, this is a defined process, comprising of several primary components.

Personnel Resources

ZI-CHEM technologies recognize that our people are one of our most important resources, and the most crucial factor in ensuring the package we provide is world class. To achieve this, we focus our efforts on selecting people with goals and an outlook aligned with that of our business. Then the skills of every employee are developed on an on-going basis by the ZI-CHEM skills enhancement program. This program continues for the entire period that our personnel remain part of the ZI-CHEM team.

It follows the following primary steps:

  • Starting with intensive introductory orientation
  • Progressing to advanced technologies
  • Continuing with technology updates, specialist focus topics and refresher courses

Experience is also essential to the comprehensive development of the skills of our customer service and technical support personnel. As a team, we maintain a primary core of industry experienced support personnel, each with an average experience of 10 – 20 years.

Plant Survey

Before making any meaningful recommendations or implementing any program, a comprehensive understanding of the specific application is required. The plant survey will include many of the following components:

  • Review of system design and operational data
  • Physical inspection of the plant during operation and/or out of operation
  • Analysis of water chemistry, micro biology and review of historical data
  • Discussion of relevant operational experience with plant operations personnel
  • Discussion of relevant maintenance results with plant maintenance personnel
  • Comprehensive survey report with assessment of the data collected

Determination of Objectives

Identifying the key objectives of the plant stakeholders including:

  • Operational (e.g. plant capacity, reliability and quality)
  • Maintenance (e.g. equipment life, repairs and replacement)
  • Economic (e.g. operational costs affected by water including fuel, water and labor)

Development of Program Design

After the survey and determination of objectives, both are reviewed and matched with the most appropriate technologies currently available. It is not uncommon that more than one option is also offered. This allows for an informed decision to be made relative to what is available in the market. Options are normally a comparison of different capital costs vs operating costs, or the performance level of the chemical program. This can include various levels of automation & control, pre-treatment equipment.

Design Report

A comprehensive report of the survey data and recommended program design options is prepared by ZI-CHEM personnel and presented to the relevant stakeholders and interested parties.


After the program design is agreed upon, a detailed implementation plan is prepared and implemented. This can include any or all of the following components:

  • Design, build install and commission selected plant and/or equipment
  • Establish operational KPI’s & KCP’s for ongoing operation of plant and treatment program
  • Training of site personnel
  • Introduce selected chemical treatments
  • Set up and maintain detailed monitoring program including field analyses, laboratory analyses, use of various portable or permanent field diagnostic equipment
  • Regular inspection of critical plant when available
  • Conduct regular review of actual operating results against KPI targets