Chemical Treatment

Some of the primary water using applications ZI-CHEM operates in include:

  • Raw water treatment from deep wells, rivers and surface reservoirs including removal of suspended solids, dissolved solids, dissolved gasses and micro-organisms
  • Desalination evaporators or seawater RO
  • Open evaporative cooling water treatment including cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and air washers
  • Closed loop cooling water treatment
  • Water treatment of entire steam generating systems including feedwater, boiler steam & condensate systems
  • Pre-commission cleaning of water using systems
  • Off-line cleaning of heat exchangers including boilers, shell & tube heat exchangers, evaporators
  • Scale deposit control in process water applications including food industry
  • Waste water treatment before disposal or reuse
  • Sludge de-watering specialist mining process water applications
  • Reclamation of plant water for specific re-use applications