Chemical Range

ZI-CHEM® specialty chemical treatment range comprises over 250 speciality chemical products and is designed to allow our specialist field technicians and engineers to customise treatment programs for your specific plant and prevailing operating conditions - planning and working within your budget.

Some of the primary product groups in ZI-CHEM® specialty water treatment range include the following:

  • ZI-CHEM 1100 series boiler water scale deposit control systems
  • ZI-CHEM 1200 series boiler corrosion inhibitor oxygen scavengers and metal passivators
  • ZI-CHEM 1300 series boiler pH adjustment products
  • ZI-CHEM 1400 series steam & condensate volatile corrosion inhibitors
  • ZI-CHEM 1500 series steam boiler foam control products
  • ZI-CHEM 2100 series cooling tower scale deposit control programs
  • ZI-CHEM 2200 series specialist cooling water corrosion control programs
  • ZI-CHEM 2300 series cooling tower pH adjustment products
  • ZI-CHEM 2400 and 2500 series microbiological and slime control programs
  • ZI-CHEM 2600 series specialist cooling tower suspended solids and biofilm dispersants
  • ZI-CHEM 3000 series closed circuit cooling and heating treatments
  • ZI-CHEM 4000 series salt water desalination and brine concentrator treatment products
  • ZI-CHEM 5000 series specialist mining scale control treatments
  • ZI-CHEM 6000 series Reverse Osmosis membrane treatment range
  • ZI-CHEM 7000 series clarification and liquid solids separation technologies
  • ZI-CHEM 8000 series off line cleaning and corrosion protection systems
  • ZI-CHEM 9000 series specialist industrial process water products

These products are rigorously tested and evaluated under actual operational conditions before use in the market. Once quality targets have been met, we select our raw materials from local sources in order to facilitate our optimized supply chain management program, enabling us to pass these savings onto our customers.

To help you select the product that will be most effective for your application, click here for a free consultation by one of our technical specialists.