Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a specialist oxidizing biocides that offers a number of advantages for water disinfection compared with other disinfectants such as chlorine:

  • 7 times stronger oxidant than chlorine
  • Selective oxidant and so does not react with many process contaminants, organics
  • Extremely effective biofilm dispersant
  • No dangerous by products e.g. THM’s
  • Low impact on corrosion

Wide range of applications:

  • Disinfection of drinking water
  • Disinfection of wastewater
  • Phenol destruction in wastewater systems
  • Effective control of legionella in cold and hot water systems
  • Water disinfection in air conditioning system cooling towers
  • Disinfection of product and service water
  • Bottle cleaning, rinser and pasteurizer
  • Cold sterile bottling
  • Disinfectant in CIP systems
  • Condenser water treatment (condensate) in the milk industry
  • Disinfection of wash water for fruit, vegetables, seafood, fish, poultry
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Seawater cooling control of mussels and planktonic organisms
  • Combating legionella in cooling circuits
  • Disinfection of process water
  • Removal of odorous substances in air scrubbers

Specialist Generation Techniques

Chlorine dioxide is an extremely reactive gas, which because of its instability – cannot be stored, and must only be produced in the required quantities in special generators on the site where it is to be used.

The ZI-CHEM® technology is based on a new generation of chlorine dioxide generation systems that utilize both two and three chemical pre-cursor processes.

This compact unit produces clean ClO2 on demand by mixing controlled amounts of 25% sodium chlorite with either gaseous chlorine, or sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid.

Chlorine dioxide is generated in the revolutionary new dual ZI-OX reaction columns. The chlorine reacts in milliseconds with the chlorite stream to produce chlorine dioxide which is immediately diluted into the motive water stream.

ZI-CHEM ZI-OX Chlorine Dioxide Generators- Key Features-

  • Multi-level safety features
  • High efficiency reaction up to 95%
  • Simple rapid installation
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Small footprint for maximum space utilization
  • Option for auto control of feed rate proportionate to demand using on-line instrumentation that measures residual Low cost Proven technology in many applications