Scale Control

In today’s world, maximizing performance, productivity and efficiency are critical to the success and survival of any operation.

The primary objective of our scale deposit programs in process water applications is to reduce the scale deposition in the water lines, manifolds, pumps and valves nearest to the manifolds by the most effective means available. This will achieve the following plant improvements:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning of pipes, pumps & valves
  • Reduced plant downtime & cost associated with cleaning.
  • Reduced electricity usage by reducing restriction in pipes and associated head loss.

Scale control in water using systems is not just chemicals. The most effective water management programs are based on the comprehensive knowledge and utilization of consulting technology, equipment, plant and chemicals.

The key components of the ZI-CHEM scale control management program include:

Advanced program development to predict scaling potential and develop a customized response that is most practical response to minimize plant disruption & inefficiencies caused by scale deposition.

Comprehensive scale control management program consisting of an integrated package of service, antiscalant chemicals, feed & monitoring equipment, and technical support.

Managed product supply systems to ensure the reliable and efficient supply of products required and management of associated inventory. Introduction of the ZI-CHEM “shared responsibility for outcomes” program management policy. Provision of additional monitoring data in regular reporting.

Provision of advanced application technologies for reducing scale deposition in critical heat exchangers.

For further details on the comprehensive program that can be customized for your individual requirements, please click here.