Gold & Base
Metal Mining

The mineral processing facilities of gold and base metals mining operations make extensive use of water. Beginning at the mills, the crushed ore is transported as slurry through the processing plant. The water is eventually separated from the metal concentrate or waste tailings and returned to the mill for re-use. The recycle stages include thickener overflow, tailings return and process water feed.

The primary objective of ZI-CHEM water management programs in these systems is to reduce the scale deposition in the mill water circuit water lines, pumps, pressure regulating valves, sprinklers and laterals by the most effective means available. This will achieve the following benefits for the mill operations:

  • Eliminate manual cleaning of pipes, pumps & valves
  • Avoidance of unscheduled plant downtime and offline cleaning with associated cost
  • Reduced electricity usage by reducing elevated head loss in pumps and pipes
  • Perform these improvements at less than the costs of the problems it resolves

The water management programs developed by ZI-CHEM are based on global technologies that have been applied in the field for many years and refined to optimize and enhance results.

The key components of the scale control management program include:

  • An advanced program designed to analyze data and predict the potential for scaling
  • Customized action plan that is the most practical response to minimize plant disruption & inefficiencies caused by scale deposition
  • A comprehensive scale control program consisting of an integrated package of service, chemicals, feed & monitoring equipment and technical support
  • Provision of advanced application technologies for reducing scale deposition in critical heat exchangers
  • Managed product supply systems to ensure the reliable and efficient supply of products required and management of associated inventory