Industrial Gases

The primary water application in the manufacture of industrial gases is cooling water. This is used extensively for utilities applications, primarily cooling of air compressors for compression of product gases, gas liquification and air separation units and for utilities air and refrigeration cooling.

Some of the critical areas that must beĀ focusedĀ on in order to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the plant include:

  • Scale deposit control in high temperature heat exchangers and intercoolers to maximize plant capacity and efficiency and avoid the need for frequent offline cleaning
  • Slime control in heat exchangers and cooling towers of cooling systems
  • Suspended solids control in low velocity heat exchangers
  • Corrosion protection of cooling systems to maximize plant life & performance

The water management programs developed by ZI-CHEM are based on global technologies that have been applied in the field for many years and refined to optimize and enhance results. These are delivered by dedicated and experienced field service teams that are based close to or inside the plant site to ensure attentive support and rapid responses are provided, so that the objectives of the programs are achieved.