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Up to date technology: We can provide the very latest in research and development technology available on water treatment; quite often to a level beyond that which many locally based companies can offer.

Applied technology: More importantly, this technology is applied to the specific situation by experienced, well trained water treatment engineers on an on-going basis. This is most important. All too often, sophisticated technology can be introduced without proper consideration for the details of where it is going to be used. On the other hand, someone with a ‘little knowledge’ and back up provides inadequate technology. The consequence of both is that at best the customer receives limited benefit, or at worst they may be severely disadvantaged.

Flexible Programs: We tailor our water treatment programme to be flexible to ensure that the individual requirements of each situation are adequately catered for in the most effective way possible. This involves the selection of treatment products and, where necessary, related equipment. We are constantly evaluating and, if necessary, modifying, our programme to cope with any on-going changes to the plant operating conditions.

Importance of backup recognized: ZI-CHEM has, for some time, recognised the benefits of effective backup and aimed to achieve a balanced thrust of well researched technology coupled with a high level of backup. The prime goal is to ensure that our individual customers, receive maximum benefit. Our regular service visits are frequent, in addition we aim to be readily available outside of these regular visits if required.

Final objective: In the long run, the water using plant efficiency is increased while operating costs and plant maintenance are reduced (e.g. plant maintenance, discharge costs, and fuel savings) and we thereby help to increase the profitably of the company.

There are already over 500 companies and plants taking advantage of this package in Southeast Asia